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As a Managed Service Provider, Origin Digital is keenly aware of our responsibility to our customers. Our goal is the total protection of your company from cyber threats while ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your sensitive data. Our cybersecurity services are second to none and include,

  • Risk Assessments
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Firewall Management
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Data Encryption
  • Employee Training
  • Antivirus and Malware Protection
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At Origin Digital, we pride ourselves in equipping our cybersecurity team with everything needed to monitor your systems and identify potential threats in real time. This includes,

  • Innovative tools and techniques
  • Monitoring 24/7
  • Customised security to ensure you are ahead of evolving cyber threats
  • 24/7 support services to examine your systems and make sure your systems are continuously updated

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Safeguard Against Cyber Attacks

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Origin Digital’s state-of-the-art cyber security services ensure your data and systems are guarded against cyber-attacks or other unauthorised access. We ensure secure business operations by minimising your system’s risks and any impact from cyber threats.

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