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Data is at the centre of your business goals. You generate immeasurable bytes of data every single day. However, most of that is siloed and unstructured, rendering the garnered data unusable. The worth of your business data always depends on how you can use and access it when you need to. That’s why it is crucial to modernise, shape, and transform your data.

Origin Digital offer experienced consulting services for multiple digital transformation areas, including data IT business analytics, IoT integration, quality assurance, and more. We develop solutions customised for your business. Our aim is to provide an unparalleled customer experience and improve your decision-making process. We achieve this by blending external and internal data, as well as market and open data to prevent tunnel vision, which typically occurs from siloed data.

This provides tailored insights and a personalised experience for decision-makers, clients, and business users. When developing solutions, our focus is on critical factors that allow practical decision making using relevant data.

Digital Transformation
Process Improvement
Improving business performance

Process Improvement

We provide process improvement consulting services so that your business only uses best practice industry standards. We offer efficient coaching in different areas, such as operations process improvement, continuous improvement, and business process management. Our systemic approach is applicable to a wide range of industries across the country, where we aim to help you achieve better results.
Budgeting and forecasting

Software Project Management

Delivering new capabilities and managing the process of digital change and innovation hinges on your ability to project manage. This becomes even more apparent if your project is technically complex or requires broad stakeholder engagement and contractor management. We work closely with your contractors and your in house delivery partner to develop, test and manage your innovation, while keeping a close watch over budgets and timeframes.

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Software Integration

Origin Digital is the number one choice for high-end systems and solutions for businesses. We have expert professionals and use technologies for turnkey project development. When it comes to software integration, we offer specific services that help build information and process flow between applications. Our reliable and seamless integrations allow commercial and custom systems to operate with no disruptions.

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Data Science

Our data science services include consultations, development, and support for data science. These services enable businesses to conduct experiments on their data while finding insights. We have worked on different data science applications in several forms, such as statistics, machine learning, and deep learning. These advanced methods fortify the abilities of companies to meet their analytics requirements.

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Data Visualisation

You can use your business data to give you the answers you need. This is where our data visualisation consulting services can help you. Our team can develop a tailored visualisation solution for your business. That way, you can get the answers you require for specific questions regarding your business operations, performance, and more. You can use the data garnered to make business decisions quickly and efficiently.

Improving business performance

Business Analytics

Our business analytics services exist to assist companies in developing and deploying processes. At the same time, we help them integrate and manage technologies that allow them to make smart decisions for their future. Our business analytics consultants can guide you so that you can use your data and gain valuable insights. You can then turn the data into a competitive advantage that can help you run your business for the years to come.
Budgeting and forecasting

IT Consulting

All businesses face problems in information technology from time to time. We offer consulting on a multitude of areas, which assist in increasing your revenue across digital channels. Our consulting services let businesses utilise and implement working IT strategies and solutions. That way, they can achieve information technology alignment within their organisation. At the same time, they can benefit from the maximum value of their IT initiatives.
Business Analytics


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