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Are you over your LinkedIn marketing strategy that does not seem to work? Revamp and reinvigorate your LinkedIn campaigns with Origin Digital.

When it comes to targeting business users, LinkedIn is a platform that’s hard to beat. It’s where you should focus, particularly if your goal is to connect with executives, influencers, and professional decision-makers. As per figures, LinkedIn members have twice as much as the buying power of average users. Additionally, every four out of five accounts on the social network are responsible for making crucial business-related choices. Thus, LinkedIn ads are a powerful tool for improving your B2B presence.

It’s time to make a change and turn to dynamic LinkedIn advertising that actually works. Contact us today!

  • 15+ years of experience advertising on social media, including LinkedIn
  • Proven LinkedIn marketing strategies
  • Trusted by countless Australian brands
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Build brand awareness, become an authority, and create lasting business relationships
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15+ Years of

Attract the Right Audience

Achieve B2B-Focused Goals

Skyrocket High-Value Leads and Conversions

Increase Brand Awareness on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Advertising

That Helps Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd

Many businesses put more effort into their presence on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Whilst those networks are excellent channels for brand awareness, there may be better places to advertise, especially if you aim to reach a niche audience. LinkedIn users mainly comprise IT professionals, business heads, small business owners, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs.

The question is: How do you reach your target LinkedIn users and turn them into customers? The answer is simple. You need an effective marketing campaign highlighting your business’s benefits to them. LinkedIn advertising, when done right, can drive your message, which can eventually drive conversions and sales. Here’s how we do it:

We take advantage of the fact that fewer businesses are advertising on LinkedIn compared to other platforms.

With over a decade of experience in LinkedIn advertising, we confidently run ad campaigns that deliver five – even 10 – times the ROI.

We focus on increasing your exposure, awareness, leads, and sales – whichever your goal may be.

Our bulletproof tactics are geared towards dramatically increasing traffic and revenue.

We have a simple process to get your LinkedIn marketing campaign rolling immediately.

Whilst your competitors are advertising on other websites, LinkedIn is waiting. The ads on this social network have become more powerful, especially as it caters mostly to business professionals. Don’t miss the chance to target industries, companies, and other people with the same interests. Origin Digital can help you take advantage of incredible LinkedIn ad ROAs that kickstart your brand and connection.

How Our

LinkedIn Marketing Service Works

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LinkedIn ads are an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. By advertising on this platform, you can reach clients and customers in an easier way. Think about it; you can have your product or service displayed to help small businesses and large corporations discover you. That’s a straightforward method of reaching your audience and driving sales.

Here’s what we can do to boost your presence through LinkedIn advertising:

  • Tailored B2B Strategy: Every business is unique when it comes to requirements, goals, and prospects. We take these aspects into consideration to create a successful and cost-effective strategy that lets you connect to other businesses.
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Guesses are never part of our methodology. We rely on facts and numbers, which influence our decisions. Our team applies KPIs to measure progress, ensuring you reach your intended audience.
  • Cutting-Edge Targeting: With LinkedIn offering more targeting options, we can help you create better ads. The results are high-quality leads and maximum return.
  • Business Growth: It’s easier to grow your business with LinkedIn. Expand your reach as influencers, future leaders, and decision-makers discover your brand.
  • Quality Customers: Our LinkedIn ads are created for you to find quality ads that convert and sell. Through demographic targeting, text ads, and sponsored messages, you can reach out to prospects who are actually interested in your product/service.

Quick before competitors figure out LinkedIn’s power. It’s time to open a new chapter and take advantage of LinkedIn advertising to maximise product sales, enquiries, and bookings. Start today!

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