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With roughly three billion searches per day, it’s a no-brainer to add SEO to your digital marketing campaign. SEO (search engine optimisation) improves your Google rankings, leading to high click-through rates and ultimately more traffic to your website.

Therefore, hiring an SEO specialist is the best thing to do to ensure your SEO efforts suit your business and are executed properly. SEO experts analyse and implement various website strategies that will improve your ranking for specific keywords and topics.

Are you still on page 10 of Google’s search results? It’s time to move up the ranks so more people will find your pages and click through to your site. We will help establish brand awareness, improve user experience for your website visitors, and increase inbound leads that translate to more profit.

SEO and Your Business' Digital Marketing Efforts
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Proven SEO Results

It’s the digital era, and all websites need optimisation so they can rank. That means you are competing with a lot of businesses, both your direct and indirect competitors. Through our years of SEO experience, we’re here to help you achieve results. Our Perth-based team work with you so we can send the right signals to Google. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring your site is pushed up the list of results. Our SEO services allow you to make waves in the industry and improve the most critical metrics, including sales.

A True Business Investment

Yes, SEO costs money – just like the many best things in life. But in the grand scheme of things, SEO is relatively cheap. It has a considerable payoff based on the benefits to your brand and bottom line. With the guidance of our SEO experts, you do not just pay for a marketing cost but a real business investment that holds water for years to come.

A Part of Your Long-Term Strategy

SEO will not give you results overnight. It's not automatic and definitely takes some time to make a noticeable impact. But once it does, that impact will not just last for a few months but several years. Following Google's rules and standards, we have an evolving formula that matches the rapid changes in your industry. From the keywords chosen to content, you will have a website that becomes a worthy contender in your business' market.

Some Facts About

Search Engine Optimisation

131 billion

searches per month are conducted on
the web (100 billion of those
are from Google).


of users ignore paid search ads,
focusing on the organic results.


of online experiences
begin with a search engine.

Origin Digital gives you high-quality SEO that allows discovery and leveraging of new opportunities. Our strategies have quantifiable results through proper analytics and tracking, allowing your brand to not just be found on the web but to shine, as well.


SEO Services

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Our SEO Service

The structure and content of a web page may only be a single piece to the search engine puzzle, but it’s an extremely important piece.

Perth SEO companies are everywhere. In fact, you could say they’re a dime a dozen. However, that’s not Origin Digital. Our team utilises our 12+ years of experience and highly evolved processes to deliver undeniable results.

Our proven digital marketing techniques and world-class optimisation strategies will help make your website a well-oiled ranking machine. When you turn to us for your Google and Bing search engine ranking needs, you can expect:

  • In-depth analysis
  • Keyword targeting
  • Marketing strategy
  • Campaign management
  • On and off-page optimisation
  • Trusted, relevant link building
Online Flooring Store
457% increase in organic traffic

Case Study

Online Flooring Store

Online Flooring Store is among the largest flooring retailers in Australia and one of our clients. We continue to work with the company to increase its reach and present an easy-to-navigate website. The Online Flooring Store website showcases everything that a customer is looking for, including the information of the company, the products, and why it is the best flooring retailer for the customers’ needs. With our help, the website:

Continues to experience exponential growth since 2018

In just 12 months, the Online Flooring Store site enjoyed a 457% increase in organic traffic.

Contains features that improve user experience and interaction

With high-resolution videos and interactive image galleries, compelling content, and mobile optimisation, among others, the website has captured the audience’s interest and turned many of them into customers.

Why You

Need SEO

In addition to offering you a 24/7 marketing presence, our proven, fine-tuned SEO strategies will provide you with:

  • A continual first-page presence in the organic search results
  • Access to customers searching for your products or services
  • An unlimited flow of FREE targeted Google traffic
  • Brand recognition, and trust associated with organic search results

Greater relevance means better quality traffic, and quality traffic means more leads and conversions. It’s a little thing we like to call executional excellence, which we happen to do quite well.

When you partner with us for your SEO project, we’ll take the time to truly get to know your business and discover the search terms that are guaranteed to drive loads of targeted traffic to your site.

Why you need SEO

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