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There is no denying that, for better or worse, social media has had a massive impact on our lives. With unprecedented access to nearly everyone and everything, you can find the information you want at the click of a mouse.

Because social media is inherently easy to use, many businesspeople believe they are able to manage their company’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Unfortunately, this is harder than it sounds. Recognising great content when you see it is not the same as understanding how to create great content for a target audience. Likewise, posting an attractive image every few days is inadequate for social media management. 

Building a thriving social media presence requires a special skill set honed by extensive experience. Your social media campaign is built on engaging an audience who are suitable for your company. What you need is a savvy and experienced social media management team. You need Origin Digital.

As one of the most dynamic digital managing companies in Perth, Western Australia, Origin Digital consistently builds impactful social media campaigns for companies of all sizes.

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How Origin Digital

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  • Getting to Know You

    Your social media campaign begins with our team getting to know your business, and its products and services. We also take this information and pinpoint your ideal customers. Once we know your goals, market, and competition, we can understand what will grab your ideal client and what will get their attention.

  • Understanding Your Competition

    Origin Digital will thoroughly research your competitors to learn about their social media presence. Finding what works and what does not work will help us strategise the most impactful ways to build your social media campaign.

  • What is Trending?

    Our experts also pay close attention to social media trends. In some cases, the hottest ideas will work well with your company. At other times it is best to take a more individual approach. 

    For example, social commerce is a trend that has grown out of eCommerce and will continue to grow in 2023 and beyond. It involves very focused sales that take place on social media platform such as Instagram and Facebook.

Once we understand these factors, Origin Digital’s social media managers will create your campaign. You can rest assured that all our clients get original content curated for the highest impact on their customers and potential customers. We ensure that:

  • Your campaign will be crafted using powerful tools, including segmentation, competition, and keyword research
  • Ads will be tailored to your ideal customers. You can be sure no K-Pop or skateboards will appear on your ads for luxury auto detailing
  • The copy will be engaging and appropriate for your products or services
  • Ads will lead to your website, so your customers can quickly see your products or services
  • You will have connections to your other social media accounts
  • We will create exceptionally engaging images and infographics
  • We will stay ahead of algorithms for all social channels
  • Monthly easy-to-understand reporting outlines your spend, revenue and ROI
Social Media

We Focus on the

Most Popular Social Media Platforms

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Top Social Media
  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a powerful networking and marketing tool for all businesses. As such, engagement is a critical factor for a business account. In addition to optimising your profile, Origin Digital will also build a strategy to maintain engagement. We will help you get the most from your LinkedIn account.

  • Facebook and Instagram
    Your customers will expect to see the stories that surround your business here. We will maintain organic content that will show visitors who you are and what makes your business tick. Origin Digital will ensure your Facebook and Instagram pages are up-to-date, consistent and on-brand. We will develop interesting and engaging content that will attract new customers while holding the attention of your current clients.

If you struggle with achieving a vibrant and impactful social media presence, Origin Digital can help your business. We will create, monitor and adapt content that will bring customers to your website and help build their loyalty.

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