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Your neighbours, colleagues, customers, and competitors are all on YouTube. Don’t be left out! This social media giant offers an excellent marketing opportunity that lets you reach not just more audience but the right one. That’s all thanks to granular targeting, which is vital for any advertising campaign. YouTube ads let you target the exact group that you want by specifying demographics, topics, affinity, and more.

Origin Digital will do the heavy lifting for you. We plan and strategise your marketing campaign, put the ads out, and track their progress. We get your ads in front of people so you enjoy more ad clicks, traffic, and sales.

No matter your product, service, or industry, we’re here to work with you. Let’s help you reach your marketing goals for 2023 with our YouTube Ads service.

  • 10+ years of experience advertising on YouTube
  • Ahead-of-the-curve YouTube ads
  • Preferred by top Australian brands
  • Mobile-optimised with high click rates
  • Maximum returns with our targeted YouTube campaigns
Youtube Advertising for Your Business
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10+ Years of Experience

Highly Targeted Ads That Connect You with Your Audience

Cost-Effective YouTube Advertising

Easy-to-Measure Advertising Metrics

Fast Results, More Ad Clicks, and Better Performance

Engaging YouTube Advertising

That Increases Reach and Revenue

Most people don’t know how big YouTube is. It’s actually the second most-visited site, just right behind Google. The platform itself earned $4.96 billion in advertising revenue in one year alone. If your target audience is between 18-49 years old, you can quickly reach your preferred market through this platform.

A successful YouTube campaign puts your business in front of billions. Even if you select a specific group as your audience, you can still have your ads presented to more people than you would with other methods.

Origin Digital will work with you, making your ads more effective than ever. Here’s what we offer:

Your campaigns are easily accessible through your own Google ads account, so you retain ownership and administrator access.

You can track your goals and analyse your progress through Google Analytics integration.

Origin Digital will provide you with your own video ads account representative.

Our experts perform a variety of tests, including landing page performance, CTA for lead campaigns, and advanced keyword research.

We evaluate your results and provide performance reporting.

Grainy ads, low user trust, and ads that fill the container are just some of the issues with YouTube marketing. With years of experience working with YouTube advertising, we know how to avoid these problems. At Origin Digital, you get beautiful, appealing ads that give you the results you want.

How Our

YouTube Marketing Service Works

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How Our YouTube Marketing Service Works

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, YouTube is one of the best platforms to market your brand. You can use this second-largest search engine, which by the way, is owned by the largest search engine, Google, to explode growth for your business. A successful ad campaign is highly targeted, letting you reach your customer base, whether they are in Australia or anywhere else in the world.

Let us help you start running effective YouTube ads that can deliver high ROIs with these YouTube Advertising Services:

  • Google Ads Setup: YouTube ads require a Google Ads account where you will upload them. We’ll help you set it up, including selecting targeted demographics and ad placement.
  • Video Creation: Film, create, and upload – we can do everything so you can focus on running your business.
  • Various Types of YouTube Ads: Which type of ad will your business benefit from? Whether you require non-skippable in-stream ads, non-video overlays or banners, or TrueView ads, we will take care of them for you.
  • Target Audience: Because of how engaging our YouTube ads are, you can build brand awareness for any B2B and B2C campaigns.
  • Mobile-Optimised Video Marketing: Create high-performance video advertisements that are data-driven. Our best-in-class designers will keep your videos entertaining for all users, enticing them to click on your ad.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of YouTube advertising, contact Origin Digital today!

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