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At Origin Digital, we offer personalised value-added services aimed at helping our clients meet their growth objectives and long-term goals. We proudly operate as a Supply Nation Certified Business and offer Australian companies complete digital solutions that make a real difference.

Our experienced and talented professionals specialise in meeting our client’s needs in the areas of:

  • Digital marketing
  • Digital transformation
  • Managed IT services
  • Web hosting

Our commitment to excellence, creative approach, and flexibility gives your business the edge needed to surpass others in your niche.

Why choose us

How We

Make an Impact for Our Clients

Origin Digital is an experienced ICT service provider with a proven track record of delivering high-quality ICT solutions to a variety of clients. We offer a range of products from leading vendors in the industry, including Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and Fortinet. Our 15-plus years of SEO experience makes us uniquely qualified to boost your online presence.

Jeremy Wolf

Jeremy Wolf


Jeremy is an experienced business positioning and operations strategist. After spending 6 years working for a number of professional service firms, he founded Origin Digital.

Brad Russell

Brad Russell

SEO & Digital Marketing

Brad is one of Australia’s leading authorities on SEO (search engine optimisation) and digital marketing. Being results-driven, he will deliver more traffic to your website.

Adam Fitzgerald

Adam Fitzgerald

Business Intelligence

Adam’s experience encompasses all areas of the digital landscape, with over 20 years spent across web and software development through to executive management.

We Are

Supply Nation Certified

At Origin Digital, we are proud to hold the distinction of being Supply Nationed Certified. We are committed to assisting Indigenous Peoples to thrive in their business endeavours. We support the efforts to build an inclusive economy and understand diversity’s importance to all Australians.

We are supply nation certified

We Offer

A Complete Range of Digital Services

Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing services, Origin Digital offers a complete selection of options you will find. We are skilled in digital strategy, SEO, web design, email marketing, social media advertising, and many more.

We strive to ensure you have every service that will drive customers to your business who will convert and make sure no opportunity is lost.

Digital Transformation

You know the necessity of compiling data. However, how much of the data you collect is beneficial to your business? Origin Digital can work with your company to modernise and transform your data into concise and valuable information.

We offer a wide range of data transformation services to assist you in improving your processes, enhancing your business intelligence, and much more.

The Pillars of Our Services

Managed IT Services

Many businesses invest much to have an in-house IT team. However, numerous companies find outsourcing their IT saves them time, effort, and money.

Origin Digital offers a number of valuable support services, including: Cyber security, Technical support, Microsoft 365 services, Cloud services, Risk assessment, Employee training

Additionally, Origin Digital is an Amazon Web Services partner as well as a partner with Microsoft.

Web Hosting

Slow page loading, downtimes, and security issues are more than inconvenient. These and other issues are costly. Your business will pay the price in lost revenue, disgruntled clients, and a damaged reputation.

At Origin Digital, our web hosting is second to none. We make sure your site is up and running efficiently and securely 24/7. We can set up and manage your hosting and even help you transfer from your previous host to another with quick turnaround times. Origin offers choices in the extent of our involvement and the types of support.

We are committed to our client’s success and proud to be Australia’s only Indigenous-Owned Hosting Company.

I can’t speak highly enough about the team at Origin Digital. At Business Oxygen we use both software development and web application hosting services and have enjoyed a long lasting relationship with the team. We happily recommend them to anyone looking for digital marketing, software development or web hosting.

Business Oxygen


Case Study

As a B2B music, ambient visuals and promotions subscription service, Audalize excels at providing unlimited high-quality access to a music catalogue with additional business features.
These features include,

  • Video
  • Promotional signage
  •  Jukebox
  • Professional curation services

Subscribers can schedule playlists of music and video to start and finish at different times of the day while relying on robust hardware to ensure content delivery even without an internet connection for up to seven days.

How Origin Digital Helped

Website with a Feature Showcase
After a project briefing with the client, our design and development team went to work.
We designed and created a website that elegantly showcases the features of Audalize, including a custom music player:

  • Large, easy to find call to action icons
  • Curated playlists are easy to search and play with the Custom Music Player
  • Clear pricing to make purchases simple



We recently had the pleasure of working with Origin Digital for our website redesign and could not be happier with the result. Adam was always available to answer questions, and our feedback was incorporated into the website development. Their team focused on our vision for the site from the initial consultation to the final product. Additionally, everyone at Origin Digital was professional, creative, and attentive to detail.

They took the time to understand the business needs and goals and created a stunning design that perfectly captured our brand’s essence. We chose Origin Digital as it was important for us to work with an Aboriginal-led business that understands cultural nuances. Their expertise in user experience and user interface design ensured that the website not only looked great but was also easy to navigate and use.

I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a top-quality website design. They are true professionals who are passionate about their craft, and it shows in their work.

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