Development of a hospitality table ordering system for Mimu


We partnered with Mimu, a hospitality provider, to revolutionise their dining experience through a QR code-based table ordering system. Our strategic approach focused on scalability, user experience, and functionality.

We conducted thorough requirement gathering, designed a customisable multi-tenant architecture, integrated dynamic QR code generation, and developed intuitive interfaces. Realtime order processing and secure payment integration were prioritised.

The system resulted in a reduction in order processing time, an increase in order size, and high adoption rates. Ethical conduct was paramount, ensuring transparent communication, fairness, and data protection. Sustainability was achieved through reduced paper waste, increased revenue for venues, and enhanced community satisfaction.

This successful project demonstrates Origin Digital’s technical expertise, commitment to client satisfaction, and ethical


Mimu, an innovative hospitality provider, sought to elevate the dining experience by leveraging technology to reduce wait times and enhance order accuracy.

They envisioned a QR code-based table ordering system to modernise their operations while catering to the needs of venues, customers, and administrative staff effectively.


Ordering at hospitality venue through QR code


Origin Digital undertook the project with a strategic approach prioritising scalability, user experience, and robust functionality:

  • Requirement Gathering: Detailed discussions with Mimu to grasp specific needs and user roles.
  • System Design: Developed a multi-tenant architecture for customisble menus while ensuring data isolation.
  • QR Code Integration: Created a dynamic QR code generator linking to the digital ordering system.
  • User Interface: Designed intuitive interfaces for seamless customer interactions.
  • Real-Time Data Processing: Implemented instant order relay to minimise wait times and errors.
  • Security and Payment Integration: Integrated secure payment options adhering to data privacy standards.
  • Testing and Feedback: Rolled out the system in phases, incorporating user feedback for iterative improvements.
  • Training and Support: Provided comprehensive training and ongoing support for smooth adoption.


The Hospitality Table Ordering System transformed Mimu’s operations, yielding significant improvements:

  • Reduction in order processing time enhancing customer experience.
  • Increase in average order size due to streamlined processes.
  • High adoption rate with positive feedback from both venues and customers.
  • The system’s reliability and user-friendly interface boosted venue profitability while modernising the dining experience.

Ethical behaviour

Origin Digital upheld ethical standards by ensuring transparent communication, fairness in software access, and adherence to data protection laws.

These actions reinforced trust and integrity, solidifying our reputation as a reliable partner.


The system’s long-term impacts are notable across environmental, economic, and social aspects:

  • Environmental: Reduced paper waste through digitisation contributed to sustainability.
  • Economic: Increased revenue for venues through higher efficiency and customer turnover.
  • Social: Enhanced customer satisfaction positively impacted the community’s perception of Mimu and associated venues.


Origin Digital’s successful delivery of the Hospitality Table Ordering System for Mimu demonstrates our technical expertise, commitment to exceeding client expectations, and maintaining ethical integrity and sustainability throughout the project.


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