Customised management system for plumbing company

Project requirements

Tap Doctor, a franchisor in the plumbing industry, needed a robust management system to integrate and streamline the operations of its franchise network.

The goal was to develop a comprehensive system that included financial management, job booking, diary scheduling, and customer relationship management (CRM) to improve efficiency and service delivery across franchises.

Origin Digital was chosen for our expertise in handling large-scale software projects, emphasising the need for a reliable, scalable solution.


Origin Digital demonstrated its organisational capability through a meticulous approach to project management and development.

Our first action was to assemble a project team comprising software developers, system architects, a project manager, and quality assurance specialists. This team was carefully selected based on their expertise and experience in similar projects.

  1. Project Planning: We conducted detailed planning sessions to outline project milestones, deliverables, and timelines, ensuring all team members were aligned with the project’s goals.
  2. Requirement Gathering: Engaged with Tap Doctor’s stakeholders through workshops to capture detailed requirements and expectations.
  3. System Development: Employed a modular development approach, allowing parallel development of the financial, job booking, diary, and CRM systems. This approach enabled efficient allocation of resources and expertise, reducing development time while maintaining quality.
  4. Quality Assurance and Testing: Implemented rigorous testing phases, including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing (UAT) with Tap Doctor’s staff to ensure the software met all functional requirements and was user-friendly.
  5. Training and Deployment: Conducted comprehensive training sessions for Tap Doctor’s franchisors and franchisees to ensure smooth adoption and maximisation of the system’s capabilities.

Throughout the project, regular status meetings and updates were conducted to keep all parties informed and to ensure the project remained on track.


Project management software in use


The successful deployment of the management system significantly enhanced Tap Doctor’s operational capabilities.

The integration of disparate functions into a unified system facilitated smoother communications, more efficient scheduling, and enhanced financial tracking.

The result was a 30% improvement in operational efficiency across the franchise network. The project not only met the initial goals but also provided Tap Doctor with a scalable solution to support future growth.

Ethical behaviour

Throughout the project, Origin Digital upheld the highest ethical standards. Transparency with the client about progress and challenges, adherence to data protection laws, and honest communication were paramount.

Our commitment to ethical practices ensured that decisions were made fairly and with integrity, fostering a strong, trust-based relationship with Tap Doctor. The ethical approach also ensured that the system adhered to industry best practices and legal standards, safeguarding Tap Doctor and its customers.


The system’s design focused on long-term sustainability at multiple levels:

  • Environmental: By digitising records and operational processes, the system reduced the franchise’s reliance on paper, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Economic: The improved efficiency and data-driven decision-making capabilities enhanced profitability and economic stability for Tap Doctor and its franchisees, fostering a more resilient business model.
  • Social: By improving job satisfaction through streamlined workflows and reduced administrative overhead, the system positively impacted the workplace environment and employee well-being.

Origin Digital’s approach to the Tap Doctor project showcases our organisational capacity to manage and deliver large-scale software projects effectively.

This project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, ethical practices, and sustainable solutions in software development.


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