Streamlining data mapping in a major ERP project


A major Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) project faced a critical challenge. An extensive, manual data mapping exercise threatened to derail the project’s timeline and efficiency. This process, crucial for the project’s success, was initially estimated to require two weeks and the full-time effort of twelve resources. During this period, the ERP system would be partially locked down, impacting the entire business operation.


The manual data mapping exercise posed significant risks:

  • Prolonged ERP lockdown, affecting various business areas.
  • Extensive resource allocation, involving twelve full-time personnel.
  • Potential delays in project cutover, threatening the overall project timeline.


Origin, demonstrating its expertise in data management and ERP implementation, stepped in to lead a solution. A specialized team was assembled to tackle this challenge head-on. They focused on designing and building a dynamic data model capable of automatically mapping thousands of data points. This innovative approach was not only technologically advanced but also tailored to meet the specific needs of the ERP project.

Global coordination

The team’s efforts extended beyond technical development. Origin coordinated with global business units, involving them in the validation and refinement of the data model. This collaborative approach ensured that the model was not only technically sound but also aligned with the diverse business needs across different regions.


The impact of Origin’s intervention was profound:

  • The project cutover was significantly de-risked.
  • The timeline for the data mapping phase was shortened by weeks.
  • The resource requirement was more than halved, greatly reducing labor costs and operational disruptions.


This case study highlights Origin’s capability to transform a complex, resource-intensive challenge into an efficient, automated process. By leveraging innovative data modeling and fostering global collaboration, Origin not only expedited the ERP project but also minimized its impact on the business’s daily operations.


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