Enhancing document control for a WA-based mining services company

Project overview

A leading mining services company in Western Australia required an upgrade to their document control and publishing workflows. Their existing SharePoint-based system was proving inefficient for their growing needs.


The primary goal was to streamline the document management process, ensuring seamless integration with their existing SharePoint site. The focus was on improving workflow efficiency, security, and user access management.


Origin Digital was tasked with developing a solution that addressed these challenges. Key steps included:

  • Initial Setup & Security Groups: Origin Digital established the SharePoint tenant and created a structured AAD Security Group Framework to enhance security and user access management.
  • SharePoint Site Development: A new SharePoint site was developed, serving as a central hub for data and system administration. This included configuring lists and scripts to support later integration with ODBMS modules.
  • Site Mapping & Data Integration: Origin Digital implemented interactive forms to control access to SharePoint resources and provided essential referential data for ODBMS functions.
  • User Access Management: The process for user onboarding and offboarding was streamlined, ensuring users were correctly assigned to security groups.
  • PowerApp Module Development: Origin Digital developed PowerApp modules tailored to the company’s needs, including Incident Management, New Staff Onboarding, Asset Management, Timesheets, and Reporting.


The project resulted in a more efficient and secure document control system. The streamlined workflows and improved user access management significantly enhanced the company’s operational efficiency.


This project showcases Origin Digital’s capability to enhance existing systems with tailored solutions, leading to improved efficiency and security in document management for the mining services company.


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