Audalize, a trailblazer in B2B music and ambient visuals, has reshaped the landscape of subscription services.

Offering an exquisite blend of high-quality music, ambient visuals, and business-boosting features like promotional signage and jukebox functionalities, Audalize is more than a service – it’s an experience.

At the heart of this evolution stands our team, who played an instrumental role in elevating Audalize’s offerings.


The journey began with a vision to transform the way commercial spaces experience music and visuals.

Audalize sought to create a streaming service that not only saves time in curation but also enhances the efficiency of ambient music and visuals in business settings.

Our Contribution

Our expertise was crucial in realising this vision. We collaborated closely with Audalize to develop cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms.

These algorithms were a game-changer, teaching machines to curate playlists with remarkable precision, catering to specific ambiances and customer moods.



Expanding the Vision

Our journey with Audalize extended to broader horizons. We aided in the development of additional platform capabilities like video interfacing and streaming outputs.

Our team’s insights were vital in integrating interactive features that allowed patrons to engage with playlists and songs, creating a more dynamic and personalised experience.

Technical Achievements

Our collaboration led to significant technical milestones:

  • Crafting a user-friendly SaaS application for music streaming in commercial environments.
  • Developing a web-based application that enabled customer interaction with the content, a feature that set Audalize apart in the market.
  • Conducting comprehensive testing to ensure seamless functionality and spearheading innovations for web-based technologies.

Impactful Results

Together, we overcame the industry’s historical limitations, delivering an online music streaming platform with robust AI functionality.

The bespoke code infrastructure, a product of our collaborative expertise, ensured efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.


Our journey with Audalize isn’t just a case study; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration in bringing a revolutionary vision to life.

Audalize, with our support, has redefined the standards for digital ambiance solutions in the B2B sector.


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